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Is OPEN a community or an organization

OPEN is an open source organization which works around promotion, adoption and contribution towards open source technologies and practices

The community of students, individuals, teachers and devlopers which work around OPEN form a community called OPEN Community.

What is OPEN Source?

OPEN source is the open source practices, methodology and development at OPEN Community by members and contributors of OPEN Community

Who can be a member?

OPEN is a community of students, any student with matching skills can apply for membership in either of the verticals.New roles and positions open every academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I JOIN as a external member?

Please click on Get started on home page to fill in the form and letting us know that you are interested. You will receive a follow up on your email.

What happens if I am internal team member

OPEN gives internal members opportunities to be the face of open source practices and/or work as developers on open source projects.

Whom should I contact at OPEN?

You can always mail us at or

I have a project idea and I want to contribute to it with OPEN's help!

Projects are OPEN are decided and declared at the beginning of an academic year. However good projects can be taken up anytime during the year. If you are interested and think you might have a great idea, write to us with a proposal.

Who handles what?

OPEN has two verticals. Each vertical has a dedicated team and management group to regulate the workflow.

What are the verticals at OPEN?

OPEN Engagment and Experience and Community Collaboration and Development. Read more about them at the homepage.

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